NanoWeld® is a material product in the form of textile with increased performance in terms of enhanced strength and weight savings compared to current carbon fiber textile solutions.

NanoWeld® process has been developed mainly for carbon fabrics, but it is applicable to any kind of textile such as carbon, glass, aramid, etc.

NanoWeld® process is also offered as an add-on, ready to be attached to any textile or prepreg production line via long term licensing.

NanoWeld® Certified Technical Characteristics

Compared to conventional Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites, NanoWeld® can achieve:

  • up to 300% improved Mode II fracture toughness
  • up to 70% improved Mode I fracture toughness
  • up to 20% improved tensile strength and
  • up to 80% improved impact & compression after impact

NanoWeld Technology is Intellectual Property protected.


Our mission

In 10 years from now to…
Fly, sail, and drive in transportation made out of NanoWeld®
but also, experience NanoWeld® in our everyday life!!

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